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Team Magma by Rikkoshaye
Team Magma
Moderate Painterly commission for Maundrill!

As you might imagine, Team Magma is a natural fit for a lava drake such as Maundrill.  Adept in skills such as generating liquid hot magma out of thin air, snarling with intensity while wiggling his noodily appendages, and being a darn good neuter-nude Pokemon, his position at the side of Maxie was just bound to happen eventually.
Sriseru-Lizards-Web by Rikkoshaye
Reference Sheet for Sriseru!

Yet another reference sheet for the always imaginative Sriseru!  Here we have a race of lizardfolk, made for pen and paper RPGs.   They have some (in my opinion) really cool traits that are more realistic to what ACTUAL lizard people would be like if they existed in real life.  You should all mosey on over to his submission to read more about them!…

And speaking of pen and paper RPG themed things, I have a YCH auction running that is ending today!  Bids are still in a really affordable range so you should totally go check it out:…
Dungeons and Dragons YCH by Rikkoshaye
Dungeons and Dragons YCH
Heya everyone!  I'm holding a fun "your character here" auction over on FA, which you all should go check out!  The theme is Dungeons and Dragons, and the finished image will be a big movie-poster type compilation.  :D

It's open through Thursday, so feel free to mosey on over and bid if it seems like your thing:…
Cloudscape by Rikkoshaye
Sketch + Cel Shade for Maundrill: and P9iko0:

A seahorse and a dragon, enjoying an indepth conversation while lounging among the clouds.  If you're wondering, Maun (the dragon) flies via magic, where-as Myryn I think can summon clouds to sit on at will.  Also, seahorses actually translate pretty good to anthro, in my opinion anyway.
Sergal Nibbles by Rikkoshaye
Sergal Nibbles
Sketch + Flat Color Commission for Redhunter337!

I have a few Valentines commissions to submit still, and here is one of them!  Red and Auron here are busy snuggling the crap out of Gaius the Sergal, which in my opinion seems like a pretty good predicament to find yourself in.  :D
Hey guys!  I know its kind of weird for me to post about my commissions opening on DA, but I want to get in the habit of using my other galleries so I thought what the heck, might as well open up over here too.  Since I don't open on DA very often, you guys might not be all that familiar with my prices or process!  I uploaded a super special submission with ALL the information you need, so check that out if you're interested in possibly hiring me for your unique commission idea:…

So now, on to the good stuff!  I just wanted you all to know that I'm going to be opening for commissions again on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND! I have a couple last artworks to wrap up during this weekend and the beginning of next week, so I imagine I'll be starting on the new batch around Wednesday or so. :)

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! This upcoming commission opening will be a super special HALLOWEEN opening! What this means is I'm going to be offering a discount on all halloween themed commission ideas, probably somewhere around the neighborhood of 10%.

Also! I'm considering offering a couple special commission options as well! One is a few halloween-themed artistic freedom slots, where you provide the character(s) and then I get to draw them in any style and way I desire. (Just as long as they stay within the halloween theme, of course.) I'm also thinking of offering a couple "monstrify your character" slots, which is similar to the artistic freedom commissions but where I turn you character into a freaky beast or creature. Or, in the case of some of you, into MORE of a monster. XD

Anyway, I'll have all the details for you in a few days here when I open. I think I'll have around 5 - 7 slots this time around, so lots of space for everyone. :) Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime! Fall/Halloween is my favorite time of year, so I'm very excited for this particular batch. :D
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I like things that are derpy, cute, and monsters, and especially derpy cute monsters.

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