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deviation in storage by PaintChat-Shinerai
deviation in storage by PaintChat-Shinerai



Mega Misty by Rikkoshaye
Mega Misty
Sketch + Cel Shade commission for Breeducky!

Mega evolution seven of eight!  This particular pose was fun for me, since I realized I've never drawn a character flying quite in this way before.  I'd imagine in her mega form, Misty is the best of the fliers, with super glowy orb powers to scoot her along.  Also to throw at people, yup.
Mega Azelyn by Rikkoshaye
Mega Azelyn
Sketch + Cel Shade commission for Breeducky

Mega evolution six of eight!  The colors on this one turned out really good for some reason.  Azelyn's mega form looks a lot more eastern and fluffy... and of course some of that fluff glows with sparkly MAGICAL POWERS!  My guess is that she's powering up for a solar beam.
Mega Ember by Rikkoshaye
Mega Ember
Sketch + Cel Shade commission for Breeducky!

Mega evolution five of eight!  Ember's normal form is somewhat spacey, so I figured her mega form would probably accentuate those features.  Her tail and "wings" probably seem ethereal, like a sheet that gives us a window into another universe.  Perhaps the star field stays still as she moves, so it actually seems like her tail and wings are like... say, a porthole on a spaceship?  Just some cool ideas to think about.  :)
Mega Matt by Rikkoshaye
Mega Matt
Sketch + Cel Shade commission for Breeducky!

Mega evolution four of eight!  This time for Matt, who is normally a duck but also has a dragon form.  Of course, his mega form would have to combine elements from the two of them... right?  He might even be able to spit fire... eep!
Mega Lucia by Rikkoshaye
Mega Lucia
Sketch + Cel Shade commission for Breeducky!

Mega evolution three of eight.  :)  Here we have Lucia, whose whole body has been taken over by crystals.  Getting hit with that tail would NOT be very pleasant... maybe she can even shoot hard crystalline shards?  It'd be like rock bullets... or shrapnel. *shudders*

I also obviously had a "moment" when drawing this one.  Mmm, dem bubs.  ;D
Hey guys!  I know its kind of weird for me to post about my commissions opening on DA, but I want to get in the habit of using my other galleries so I thought what the heck, might as well open up over here too.  Since I don't open on DA very often, you guys might not be all that familiar with my prices or process!  I uploaded a super special submission with ALL the information you need, so check that out if you're interested in possibly hiring me for your unique commission idea:…

So now, on to the good stuff!  I just wanted you all to know that I'm going to be opening for commissions again on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND! I have a couple last artworks to wrap up during this weekend and the beginning of next week, so I imagine I'll be starting on the new batch around Wednesday or so. :)

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! This upcoming commission opening will be a super special HALLOWEEN opening! What this means is I'm going to be offering a discount on all halloween themed commission ideas, probably somewhere around the neighborhood of 10%.

Also! I'm considering offering a couple special commission options as well! One is a few halloween-themed artistic freedom slots, where you provide the character(s) and then I get to draw them in any style and way I desire. (Just as long as they stay within the halloween theme, of course.) I'm also thinking of offering a couple "monstrify your character" slots, which is similar to the artistic freedom commissions but where I turn you character into a freaky beast or creature. Or, in the case of some of you, into MORE of a monster. XD

Anyway, I'll have all the details for you in a few days here when I open. I think I'll have around 5 - 7 slots this time around, so lots of space for everyone. :) Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime! Fall/Halloween is my favorite time of year, so I'm very excited for this particular batch. :D
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I like things that are derpy, cute, and monsters, and especially derpy cute monsters.

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