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Happy Halloween!  :D by Rikkoshaye
Happy Halloween! :D
Halloween themed Artistic Freedom commission for Sammythefox!

Happy Halloween! :D I held onto this one just for today, since it was the last halloween themed commission I have that I haven't submitted yet. :) Here we have Sammy's dragon character Alex with a uniquely carved pumpkin. Done with his claws, no doubt. XD The blue rose is a special Sammy thing, so I thought it would be nice to include. Plus, blue lights in pumpkins actually sounds really cool - I'm surprised I don't see different colored lights in jack-o-lanterns more often.
Aurora Borealis by Rikkoshaye
Aurora Borealis
Moderate Painterly commission for P9iko0

I've never been lucky enough to actually see the northern lights, which is a shame because they apparently show up here occasionally and seem to be really beautiful. That said, drawing them was a unique challenge and after a few different versions I settled on what you see here; stars flanked by the aurora and reflected in a clear, calm northern lake. I'd definitely brave the cold to see something as awesome as this, and I don't even have any fur! Lucky foxy. :)
Execute by Rikkoshaye
I went a little bit overboard with this one, which is to be expected since it involves blood and violence. >.> Also worked a lot with lighting, particularly with reflective color, which adds a surprising amount of character to the whole image. Will definitely have to experiment with that more as time goes on. :)
'You have a warrior's heart. I think I'll take it' by Rikkoshaye
'You have a warrior's heart. I think I'll take it'
Imagine this. You're walking through summoner's rift, not a champion in sight. The turret is like ONE HIT from death, and all you wanna do is poke it, snag your gold and get out. You're almost there when you hear a rustle in the grass... suddenly out pops the most vicious and TINY Rengar you've ever seen! ACK! NO! His tiny stature only magnifies his bloodthirsty rage, and with little more than a squee you're officially cat food. (Or dog food? Marshie IS a canine, even if Rengar is not.) XD

A free internet cookie to whoever can guess who the hand that is in the foreground belongs to! 1 2 3 GO!
'Who brings TEA trick-or-treating!?' by Rikkoshaye
'Who brings TEA trick-or-treating!?'
This is the first of those Halloween artistic freedom commissions for you guys! This one was basically inspired by Bloopy's front page, which has this big "i love tea" and a tea icon on it. XD As a lover of tea myself I just couldn't shake the idea of someone being crazy enough to take some while trick or treating. And so... here we are. Shook's character is acting about how I'd expect in response.

I wish trick or treating was an adult event too, honestly. I went as long as I possibly could, I think until I was 16 or 17? I knew as soon as I stopped going that would be the end of it. And who can argue with free candy and dressing up? Anyway, there will be more Halloween themed stuff coming up so stay tuned. ^-^

AND CLOSED!  Thank you so much for the interest everybody, I'll get to work on these immediately.  :)

Discounted Halloween Commissions!
This special is pretty simple; basically any commission that involves either Halloween, or a theme that is similar to Halloween (such as blood/gore, scary things, costumes, candy, etc) is 10% off!  I'm generally pretty lenient with my theme discounts, so if you have an idea but are not sure if it qualifies just contact me about it – it probably will.  :)

Halloween Themed Artistic Freedom Commissions! 
These commissions will work just like my normal artistic freedom commissions, except that they're guaranteed to be Halloween themed!  You provide the character and the rest is left up to me.
- $25 base price
- +$15 per additional character
- You're guaranteed more than $25 worth of art!  It's the least I can do, since you're giving me full artistic freedom.  :)

Monstrify your character!
And finally, I have a new option that is mostly just fun for me.  :3  As a lot of you know, I LOVE monsters, and with this option you can have me turn your character INTO a monster!  (Or, if your character is already a monster, they'll be changed into an even more extreme version of themselves.)  These function a lot like the artistic freedom commissions, where you supply the base character and I will have control over the style and monstrifying process.
- $25 base price
- +$15 per additional character

I'm aiming to have all Halloween commissions completely finished by October 31st!  And given my general turn around, I imagine they'll be done quite a bit before the end of the month.  ^-^



I offer lots of different styles for all budgets!  Check out my pricelist to see the kinds of styles I offer:…

I am a clean artist only!  Here is a list of the things I will and will not draw.  If you have any questions PLEASE ask!  I love talking about almost everything, despite having certain drawing preferences, so don't be shy:…

These are first paid first served!  Once you claim a spot its yours, but the order I finish them in is determined by the order people pay in.  I have three (possibly four) slots available this time around, so I'll either stay open until they're claimed or else close at the end of the weekend, whichever comes first.  ^-^

And finally here is my Terms of Service, which you agree to by commissioning me:
So interested in a commission?  Feel free to comment below, note me, or email me at to claim a spot!  Let me know your general idea, the commission style you'd like, if you want to purchase any of the specials for this month, and we'll go from there.  :)

If you have any questions please ask, I'd love to answer any questions you may have.  :D

Normal Commission Slots:
1.) Sammythefox - Finished!
2.) Marshie - Finished!
3.) Saurializardqueen - Finished!
4.) Bluetippedwolf - Finished!
5.) P9iko0 - Finished!
6.) Maundrill

Halloween Themed Artistic Freedom Slots:
1.) Shooks - Finished!
2.) Sammythefox - Finished!
3.) Furvuswolf - Finished!

Monstrify Your Character Slots:
1.) Shooks - Finished!
2.) Reluam - Finished!
3.) Maundrill - Finished!
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I like things that are derpy, cute, and monsters, and especially derpy cute monsters.

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